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Clockwise - Elle Strauss Ahh time travel. That thing we all wish we could do sometimes, turn back time, and undo those mistakes we've done. In Clockwise, the main character Casey, is able to time travel and manages to take with her whoever happens to be touching her at the time. Casey discovered she had this ability at nine years old when she was first transported to 1860. Casey doesn't just time travel and stays stuck in time, she actually gets to live in that time and maintain two different time-lines, switching back and forth and with time practically stopping and waiting for her from one timeline to the other. Basically Casey gets to live both in the past and the present.

In present time, Casey meets Nate, who is new at her school. He happens to time travel with Casey while they are dancing, by accident, because he happened to be touching her. He gets to spend time with Casey back in the 1800's and pretend he and Casey are family, brother and sister in fact, since she already has a life there and people she has developed relationships with. As they spend more time together, Casey and Nate's relationship takes on a more romantic role, but will things stay the same way once they go back to the present?

What I liked the most about this story is how real the characters were. Okay, so it's a story about time travel, which is as far from real as you can get, but still you felt that the characters' personalities were real and true to the situation they were facing at the time. I definitely recommend this book who anyone who is a science fiction fan, a fan of historical fiction, or even just a fan of a cute love story between two young people. It is a very fast read with a very interesting plot and down-to-earth characters. 4 stars.

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