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Tempest: A Novel

Tempest - Julie Cross Jackson Meyer is our time traveler hero, who knows about of his ability, but not quite aware of the extent to which he can it. In this story, time travel as Jackson knows it, does not affect the future. He could jump (or travel through time) half an hour into the past, make a big change, then come back to the present and everything would be right how he left it. No consequences, no repercussions. That is until the day Jackson and his girlfriend Holly are attacked and during the struggle Holly gets shot. Jackson panics and attempts to jump, not sure of when (not where) he is jumping to, and finds himself two years in the past, in 2007.

Jackson tries without success to jump back to 2009, but every attempt takes him even further into the past, where he tries to make a connection with his now deceased sister. Each one of these attempts are temporary and brings him right back to 2007, where Jackson is realizing that he is stuck, and no longer able to make it back to his own year 2009. Jackson tries to make the best our of a bad situation and seeks his girlfriend Holly (who isn't yet his girlfriend in 2007) and his friend Adam who he had confided to in 2009 about his time travel abilities.

Friendships are renewed, romances rekindled, and family loyalty becomes questionable in Jackson's new world. He finds that his abilities entail more than he could even dream of and he is forced to make a choice that could mean the end of the world as we know it, or his happiness.

I normally, scratch that, most of the time, find books about time travel very difficult to read and comprehend. Tempest is one of those books that start off slow, keeping you guessing, not quite understanding where the plot is going, until it picks up in a big way towards the end. I think Tempest will be one of those books that will be better as a movie, although as a book it was pretty good as well. Though it is a very interesting plot, I believe it will most likely translate better visually, than it does on paper. I applaud Julie Cross for tackling this subject and keeping a consistent timeline. I think I would have enjoyed this book more had it been more past-paced towards the beginning, or even the middle. The fact that it started off so slow caused me to loose a bit of interest in the story. It didn't quite grab me at the start, but it packed a bunch of action at the end that was indeed very entertaining. I give this book 3 stars, because even though it didn't start out as my favorite, it proved worth it in the end.

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