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Enchanted - Alethea Kontis Enchanted is a fairytale retelling of several fairytales we know from childhood all rolled into one. Seven daughters and three sons. Each daughter named after a name of the week in the order that they were born, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sunday is the seventh daughter, daughter of Seven, as her mother is also a seventh daughter and names in succession by number. This makes Sunday a seventh daugher of a seventh daughter, which makes a very powerful combination if you have fey blood in you.

The story centers mainly around Sunday, who has a knack for writing stories. Only problem is that when Sunday writes things that haven't happened, they usually come true, only not exactly the way she pictures it. To avoid complications, Sunday sticks to writing things that have already happened, since the past is past and cannot change. One day Sunday runs into a frog who speaks to her and tells her he wants to hear her stories. Sunday knows that a talking frog is actually a man under an enchantment, probably being punished by a faerie for something he did. So as not to complicate things by telling stories that might come true later, Sunday pleases the man turned frog who she now considers her friend by telling him stories from the past. So the frog learns everything there is to know about Sunday and her family. Sunday ends up falling for the frog, who won't turn back into a man despite the fact that she kissed him, only to find that he disappears shortly after. Worried about her friend the frog, Sunday goes frantically looking, only her frog cannot be found because he is no longer a frog, but the prince her family detests.

Sunday's mother was seemingly harsh and stern, but in reality she was kind, but guarded because she'd lost so much. There is a lot of treachery in the story, people being turned into animals just because, faeries with deep dark secrets, and long lost family members. The writing is a little confusing, but at he same time beautiful. There are also very likable characters, such as Sunday's half brother who is completely fey, and completely random. I found this to be a short enjoyable story to those who like a good old retelling of those fairy tale classics. 3 Stars.

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