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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand I'm a fan of books about angels, and when I read Unearthly's synopsis I just knew I had to read it. I had received a review copy of Unearthly's sequel, Hallowed, and of course couldn't very well review the sequel without reading the first book so I purchased the audiobook. It was simply one of the best decisions I ever made.

Unearthly introduces us to Clara, a young California girl who is anything but ordinary. She is an angelblood, a descendant from the union of an angel and a human, or in her case, of another angelblood and a human. This mix makes her a Quartarius, or 1/4 angel and 3/4 human. There is no secret as to what Clara is and what is expected of her. From a very young age her mother, another angelblood, revealed to Clara and her brother that they are angelbloods and that they will start seeing visions of their "purpose" or what they were put on this earth for. Every angelblood has a purpose and it is known to them that they are supposed to complete it, no questions asked.
Clara begins having her visions which involve a guy and a forest fire. Clara is unsure of what her vision is telling her to do since the visions come in pieces, revealing more and more each time she has one. With her mother's help, they figure out that the vision takes place in Wyoming. This revelation prompts her family's relocation, and Clara goes from being a popular Cali girl to the new girl at Jackson Hole High.

The story progresses as Clara meets the guy in her vision, Christian, and does anything possible to get his attention, to the point of becoming obsessed with him. Her vision becomes more detailed and comes on at random times, frustrating Clara as she doesn't know exactly what is expected of her, but she assumes that she is supposed to save Christian from this forest fire.

Clara's purpose is thrown for a loop when another guy injects himself into Clara's life, becoming her new focus and in the process angering her mother. We as the readers are introduced to a love triangle as well as a whole new world of angels, good and bad. Should Clara follow her heart or follow her destiny?

I for one adored this book. I loved the story and loved the characters even more. Clara's mother is at the top of my list, being a mother myself, level-headed and wise although she did frustrate me many times with her secrecy, not revealing to Clara information that seemed key to her figuring out her purpose. Clara's brother reminded me so much of my own son, sports obsessed and unwilling to to hold back just to seem normal. Clara's friends who welcomed her to a new school with open arms. Finally Tucker, oh forever Team Tucker.

Cynthia hand does a marvelous job with this book. Wonderfully well written and captivating, you will be unable to put this book down, or in my case, to press pause. The audiobook's narrator does a great job as well with Clara's voice, keeping within the slower tempo of the story, and with changing her voice over to the different characters, making those who are older sound older, etc. I give this book 5 stars. It simply blew me away and I totally recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Hush Hush and Mortal Instruments series, or just simply likes to read a well-told coming of age story.

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