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Fury - Elizabeth  Miles When I first picked up this book I thought "ooh another book about Greek mythology in modern times". As a fan of Greek mythology, I didn't think twice about sitting down right then and there and start reading. A quarter of the way through the book I realized I was wrong.This book is not just about Greek mythology, it is about so much more than that. It is about the basic principle of "Do unto others..." or rather, "Do not do onto others..."

The story starts out slow, losing me at parts, but when it picks up, boy does it ever pick up. You start feeling sorry for the two main characters of the book, wishing there was any way to help them out of the trouble they got themselves into. I was having a hard time accepting that people like Em and Chase could be made to pay so harshly when there are so many horrible people in the world who get away with so much more. My biggest problem was not understanding why all of this was happening to Em and Chase and not to Zach for example, another character in the book who I often felt needed to pay big time.

The Furies. Oh those crazy, maniacally-cackling, hell-bent-on-destruction, witches. From the beginning of the story, they have their sights set on Em and Chase, for something cruel Chase did and for something stupid Em hasn't even done yet but is thinking of doing. People who are innocent get caught up in this vengeance of the Furies. An eye for an eye, but without any regard of who gets hurt in the process. I will never look at red orchids the same again after this book (the red orchid is a key element in the book).
The author does a great job of capturing the fear and the desperation of the characters as they pointlessly try to absolve themselves from their wrong doing. While reading this book I would find myself hiding under the covers and watching the windows to make sure I wasn't being watched. I felt sympathy for the main characters, because everyone makes mistakes, but as the tag line of the book says "sometimes sorry isn't enough".

This was an entertaining read that will make you wonder what wrongs you've done in the past that needed to be made right. This book is slated for a trilogy, which by the way things ended in the first book, obviously follows some of the characters into the second book. I struggled between giving this book 3 or 4 stars. I decided on 3 because although I was entertained, I was often very frustrated by the lack of explanation of the things that were happening in Ascension. Questions like "Why Ascencion of all places?" and "Why now, all of a sudden?" kept popping into my head. While I get that these questions will most likely be answered in the subsequent books, I felt that the reader could have used a little more insight into where the story was headed. All in all, I will read the rest of the series because I felt that the story was captivating and the characters deserve to have their story read.

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